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DIY Vent Hood

Hi Friend! Welcome back!

This week I'm sharing the simplistic vent hood that has become the perfect fit for our kitchen design.

While in the process of renovating our kitchen, the time came when we had to decide on a vent hood that would best fit our style. I had several options of intricate (and pricey) vent hood designs but I wanted simple & clean lines, which oddly enough was very difficult to find. We had already spent quite a lot of the budget on appliances and finishes, so the vent hood seemed like the perfect place to opt for a less expensive option.


We started off with having our GE vent installed and I immediately loved the functionality of this appliance; it's got great power and in an open-concept living space, quality air ventilation is very important. However, I did not like the visual of this vent, it just looked very industrial and was not a good fit with the rest of the kitchen.

Vent hood installed, wood underneath is just for measuring purposes

So I contacted my carpenter and he was up for the task of building a vent hood cover!

He started with just one piece of 2X4 wood nailed to the ceiling which would be the support of the entire frame. Then he cut 2 pieces of plywood and attached them to the piece mounted to the ceiling as well as to the actual vent (2-3 nails to the vent for extra security).

Here are the images of the step by step installation, starting with the initial wood mounted to the ceiling (please note this was mounted to a beam not just to the sheetrock), and then the 2 pieces of plywood on each side.

Finished look of Plywood cover

Next he mounted one last piece of plywood on the front of the vent, which completely covered the vent but still allowed for functionality of the appliance.

Here is a closer look of the vent hood cover.

Also note that he did cut the sides of the plywood to hug the crown molding for a better blend with the cabinets. The front piece was just placed flat.

Painted hood vent cover

Afterwards we had the hood cover painted with White Dove by Benjamin Moore and it looked great against the white cabinets. After this step we also finished the backsplash and mounted the pot filler. The total cost of this vent was $200 since that is what the carpenter charged us. The all of the material was leftover from the renovation, however you are able to buy a large piece of plywood for under $40 at any Home Depot or Lowes.

Finished kitchen

What do you think of this DIY vent cover? I think its the perfect fit for our kitchen and our style!

Thank you so much for reading!



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