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Go Blonde & Still Keep Your Curls!

Since I started sharing my own hair care routine on social media, I've been receiving many inquiries asking how I manage to keep my curly hair healthy and bouncy even after processing it with bleach. Well, the answer is quite simple- I lighten my hair in sessions.

Many of my clients bring beautiful Pinterest pictures of platinum blonde hair to show me as their hair goal. It is then my job to explain that going from a level 4-5 brown to platinum will require several sessions if they are looking to keep their healthy strong and healthy. It all depends on how much lift we are able to obtain on that first session.

There are many different hair types and natural base colors. However, the thicker, curlier, and darker the hair is naturally, then the harder it is to lift and maintain the integrity of the hair. Bleach is drying. Therefore, if you are using harsh developers and processing multiple times within a session, you risk changing the texture of your hair and making it, well, dry and frizzy. Think about that next time you want to go lighter!

This is a before image of one of my clients on her first visit with me. She was looking to go blonde and her inspo photos all showed a mix of ashy blonde colors. As you can see in the picture, her ends were very dry and they were heavily processed before. In person her hair felt rough and brittle from mids to ends. There is also some warmth showing where her natural hair ends and the processed hair begins. Although, this is normal for people with really dark natural hair, it shows that without proper follow-up sessions the hair will turn brassy on its own.


That day this was her after photo. First, I bleached & toned her hair and then I gave her a layered cut; where I cut off several inches of her length all around. I used the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil line from Bumble and Bumble which gave her hair much needed hydration and once styled her hair instantly felt smooth and softer than before.

I then scheduled her for a second session several weeks after just to follow up on her toner application and also to check that her hair was being well maintained. I believe that the aftercare that clients perform at home is an essential part of a good blonde. She actually told me that her hair felt fuller and that her curls were bouncy again. Part of this is because her hair needed a good cut, but also because I did not use a harsh developer. On her bleach session I used an oil based level 20 vol. and achieved great results!

I know that our next bleach session we'll be able to get her to a much brighter and ashier tone.


Here's a live video of her toner appointment! Make sure you follow me on TikTok & Instagram @mindfulgenesis

Also, if use my link- to receive $10 off your order with Bumble and Bumble!

Let me know in the comments if you want me to share the exact formula I used on this client!

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You do amazing work! I love the transformation 😍😍😍😍

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