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Master Bedroom on a Budget

Looking for a cozy & chic master bedroom on a budget? I know it can be quite the challenge so today I'll be sharing some tips and links that will help you shop without breaking the bank.


I purchased my king-sized bed-frame from Ashley's Furniture Homestore and this is my first king size bed btw, which is a really nice upgrade! (10/10 recommend, especially if you have kids). I selected the bed-frame directly from the store but I opted to not buy the matching furniture pieces because they seemed very bulky and I wanted the room to look spacious. I also prefer that the furniture have more character and not to look so matchy-matchy. I knew I wanted an upholstered bed-frame so I looked in similar stores such as Pottery Barn, West- Elm, Raymour and Flanagan, etc., however the pricing was around $2,000-$5,000, which is on the pricier side and not within my budget.

I chose a platform bed with twill fabric on the headboard and grey-wash wood on the surrounding areas. It has two drawers of storage and it's very sturdy and looks high-end. I bought my bed-frame for just $850!! (and that includes a 5-year warranty from Ashley's!) Quite a steal if you ask me. My specific bed frame is discontinued but I have found similar ones and linked them here.

Tip #1- When buying an upholstered bed be sure to go with a thick headboard material to make it look more high-end quality. Avoid plastic, or thin fabric that will make the headboard look cheap. Instead opt for linen, tweed, twill and most basketweave patterns which will bring in that cozy element you're looking for. Personally I also avoid anything with shiny rhinestones or materials that look too busy.


I added a distressed wood side table chest for more storage. I wasn't worried about the shades matching but more focused on that they complimented each other. I have linked this exact side table and similar decor pieces such as the mirror and lamp here.

My room is particularly wide therefore I knew that I wanted to include a desk with my computer (for those days I want to wake up and blog). I added a table with distressed wood and to balance the look I added the same mirror and lamp to each side. I found a great fabric chair which helps for the desk side not to look too office-y and cold.

I have linked the exact table and similar decor pieces such as the chair, lamp and mirror here.

I added a dresser in a distressed white wood material to balance out the dark wood tones and honestly, it was one of the pricier items in the room. I fell in love with a specific dresser and I also wanted more storage for our every-day clothes. My exact dresser is linked here and I also included similar ones.


Now to pull the whole look together let's talk decor! I bought these beautiful curtains from IKEA US and I spent a total of $25 for the whole look (including the rod and hooks). The material is a thick linen and I opted for the white because I wanted to make to room look bigger. I also have to mention that I have seen similar for 3X the price at other retailers and my Inspo picture curtains cost $150.

Tip#2- Hang curtains with rings to give them extra length & makes them look very chic. I also hung the rod several inches above the window to make the entire room look taller. Lastly the black and white contrast makes the curtains stand out even more instead of just blending with the wall color.

From IKEA US I also purchased the most beautiful plants that bring so much life to the room. Personally, I am a plant lover and I always like to include plants in all areas to balance out the technology items such as TV and computer.

Here is an image of my vision board corner and how fun it looks with the plants around it.


Now to my favorite part, and arguably the most important part, the bedding. I've been on the hunt for comfortable bedding to pull the master bedroom look together and I finally found a brand that I am obsessed with. The Hearth and Hand bedding line by Magnolia at Target was my perfect match. I searched everywhere for a comforter set that was both neutral and comfortable material. I also wanted a set that fit in the washer without an issue. I found many that were very bulky and seems hard to maintain for upwards of $200- 300. I found my set for just $99 at my nearby Target! I have linked the exact bedding I have here. I find that neutral bedding tones helps the room feel light and airy, not to mention that it's a great fit for all year around.

Tip#3- Select pieces that speak to you. I like to mix different styles to make the space feel more balanced and interesting. I recommend that you create a mood board with different colors, styles, and materials that you like and refer back to it while you shop.

I had so much fun sharing this post! Let me know in the comments if this was helpful! Here are a couple more images of the room.



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Rhomina Carrasco
Rhomina Carrasco
Mar 10, 2021

The master bedroom looks so comfy and calmy! Love the plants and neutral colors. 😍


I'm obsessed with your master bedroom! All the small details come together perfectly. I love the wood colors and how cozy it looks 🥰❤❤

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