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My Hair Story

I was recently furloughed from my job due to the impact of COVID-19 and I feel like it has given me plenty of time to rethink my career goals. In this short time I have realized how much I HATED my office job and how much I would like to explore my true passion- hairdressing.

My mother has owned a salon for over 25 years and that's the environment that I basically grew up around. Hair styling is second nature to me and I only noticed that this is not the case for everyone once I went away to college. I got to see that many girls I knew had no idea how to properly care for their hair. But as much as I wanted to pursue cosmetology, a part of me thought that I just wouldn't be successful enough. There has always been a stigma around what successful careers are and hairdressing is not up on the charts.

I have cut and colored my friends hair for years and I always get plenty of compliments on my own hair, which I only style myself. So while being at home I've decided to play around with the idea of building a clientele and finally give this daydream a chance. I've been using social media to build a portfolio and see where this leads. With the work that I have done so far, I finally feel free to express myself and my interests and that has brought a lot more happiness than any promotions that I have received in the past. I feel like this pursuit has allowed me to explore my creative side and I'm excited to see where this leads.


My first sample is of course my own hair! I naturally have long, dark, thick, curly hair and I usually straighten it 2-3 times a week. Here is a reference photo:

Layered cut and just natural dark brown hair
My Hair Before

I decided to give myself balayage highlights right from home and it was a success! I love the blend and depth that I was able to achieve all own my own. Here's how it turned out:

I used the balayage technique to achieve blended highlights.
My Hair After

Take a look at my YouTube video where I recorded the entire process and I also listed everything I used to achieve my look.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think I have some raw talent? 😁

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