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New Year Resolutions

Congratulations! If you're reading this you've survived 2020. For many, 2020 was such a difficult year; with loss of loved ones as well as personal battles. Personally, I feel like 2020 was a year of self-discovery and its made me more courageous than ever!

So, I am vowing to make 2021 even better! Tony Robins said "If you talk about it, it's a dream, if you envision it, it's possible , but if you schedule it, it's real". What better way to start than to make a list of resolutions to help us stay consistent? I know I've struggled with keeping my new year resolutions in the past because I always aim for dramatic change, but this year I'm making them more simple and hopefully that will help them stick.

Here is the list I came up with:

  • Drink more water: I'm sure we all know the many health benefits of drinking water, but even knowing this, I still struggle with drinking enough water. I've bought all the jumbo sized bottles and after a week I just let them go. So this year, I am planning on developing a better relationship with water and drinking with intention as opposed to forcing myself to finish a gallon.

  • Incorporate movement everyday: exercise is a tricky subject because I know so many of us want to be fit, but simply cannot find the energy to do the dang workout! Well, this year I want to incorporate more movement; even if this means randomly dancing for 3 minutes, or stretching, or doing a full 45 minute at-home yoga workout.

  • Produce before I consume: FYI this is my new social media motto. I don't want to consume so much content from the internet and spend meaningful time just scrolling endlessly. This year I want to produce my own content, share more about myself, before I take time to consume other peoples lives and experiences.

  • Be more present: This goes hand in hand with my last point. I want to spend more time being present with my family and with myself. Sometimes social media or even trying to work so much can limit the time we spend truly being there for our loved ones and this year I'm planning to make an effort to simply enjoy the moments.

  • Save (a lot) more than I spend: Yes, my spending habits are an issue (my husband would back me on that). But really, why do we spend so much? Most material objects won't matter in a year or two, so why not save it (or invest it) and have something more than a pair of shoes to show in that time frame. (My husband would be seriously proud if he read this)

  • Tell my loved ones how much I care: We have all seen many lives that have been lost this past year due to COVID-19 and so many that have said how much they wished they told their loved ones how they felt. I don't want to have that regret. I want to tell my people how much they mean to me, often.

  • Check in with family more often: I have a big family, and surprisingly we are not as close as I'd like us to be. I want to make an extra effort to reach our to my siblings and extended family and see what they're up to on the regular.

  • Read the Bible: My faith has been such a big part of my mental health healing and I am truly interested in fully reading the Bible. I want to learn more about the Bible and have a deeper relationship with God.

  • Give myself grace when I need to: Sometimes I am lazy, I have bad days, I feel sad and all those are perfectly normal and human. I want to be as understanding with myself as I am with others.

  • Do more of the things I love: Sometimes we get so caught up on what we "should do" that we tend to push aside the things that we love to do. Personally, I put so much pressure on myself to get things done at home and at work, that I find little time to write and share my thoughts with others. I truly love this blog space and this coming year I plan to post more on here :)

What did you think of my list? What are your new year resolutions?

If you took the time to read this, I am sending you a huge virtual hug!



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Awesome list! ❤ I myself am also setting small achievable goals/intentions that I know I can accomplish.

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