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Our Elopement Story

My husband and I were dating for 2 years when we got engaged. We were both 25 and knew that there were many goals we looked forward to achieving in the coming years, and marriage was definitely one of the most important on our list. Immediately after our engagement, we felt the pressure to move forward with the wedding and set a date. Our excitement was through the roof and we did not want to wait longer than a year to tie the knot.

As we researched numerous venues and looked at pricing, it became very clear that a budget had to be set and agreed upon. We both wanted a small wedding with our closest family and friends but at the same time we wanted a luxurious experience (honestly speaking only I wanted luxury lol). I was looking for a beautiful bridal experience (as does every bride) and it was important to me that I did not feel like I settled for anything less. We had money saved for the wedding, however once we researched the venues, we were just not comfortable paying upwards of $20,000 for a party that lasts only a few hours.

The whole process became even more exhausting because we were debating on the idea of having a destination wedding and our family were not all on board with the travel plans. I felt like the wedding planning was becoming more about the guests and their preferences than ourselves. We were looking at affordable hotels in order to accommodate our guests, and that was when we made the decision to elope!

I had been to Cancun, Mexico once before our wedding and I loved it. I wanted to get married at Le Blanc Hotel in Cancun since it was on my list of places to visit. So, we did just that. We booked a 10-day stay and eloped in one of the best hotels in the world!

As soon as we arrived at the hotel we were treated like royalty. We did not know what to expect as far as the wedding, since we had no guests, but the hotel staff made the experience magical from start to finish. We were given a wedding planner who went over all of the details with us before the day, and we were also assigned 2 photographers! ( I am very into nice photos so the photographer idea was just right up my ally). The day of the wedding, we woke up to room service and I was immediately guided to the bridal suite. At the suite I had hair and makeup artists waiting for me and my dress was already there as well. I was pleasantly surprised by every detail that they took into account. At the same time my husband-to-be was in another suite also getting ready. Once we were dressed our assigned photographers followed us the entire time.

Getting dressed in the bridal suite
Dress Details

He was getting dressed at a different suite
The Groom

The wedding planner set up my husband-to-be at the hotel gazebo, and she cued me to walk towards him. It was incredibly emotional for us both. They played our song- Y Llegaste Tu by Camila, in the background and it felt like I was living a fairy tale.

Walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time.
Emotional Groom

Wedding rings on a heart shaped sand
Wedding Rings

We said "I DO" with the most breathtaking ocean view in the background. It was the most peaceful and the most romantic experience I could have ever imagined. We were present and nothing else mattered but our love and happiness.

Elopement Wedding

The staff brought out a beautiful mini cake with Champagne to celebrate! They truly went out of their way to make the experience wonderful for us. The entire time we had our playlist music playing low in the background and the sound of the ocean was simply perfect.

Elopement Wedding

This was a lifetime experience for us and we are both so happy about our elopement decision. We had time to enjoy ourselves and make beautiful memories, which we happily shared with our family and friends once we arrived back home.

With love from Mexico,

Cancun Wedding 2016

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Aug 19, 2020

Thank you @anamejia0215💖 Looking through the pictures definitely brought back all of the wonderful memories ✨


Such a beautiful wedding 😍😍😍😍😍😍 every detail was perfection!

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