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Our New Dining Table Set

In the past month my family and I have moved from New York to Connecticut and we've been slowly furnishing our new apartment. Since COVID-19 most furniture companies have been understandably backed-up with orders, especially since many warehouses have been struggling to keep up with the orders placed around the time of the "lockdown" period. Even though we understand what is happening, it's still challenging to place furniture orders that have an estimated delivery date for months from now.

In our search for furniture, my husband and I knew that we wanted something practical that wasn't too bulky. We searched around many different furniture stores and found ourselves with limited options based on the delivery timeframes. We made a list of dining sets that had a speedy delivery availability, and then compared them based on quality and price. Our top 3 stores were Ashley's Home Store, Pottery Barn and Homesense, and our choices were all priced under $1,500. Pottery Barn had such a beautiful selection but the tables that fit our budget and delivery date were very large in size. At our local Homesense store we found a beautiful dining set that was just under our budget but we decided not to get it because it had a functional factory defect, also we would've had to deliver it to Connecticut ourselves, which seemed pretty inconvenient. Lastly, at Ashley's Home Store we found our perfect set.

The delivery date was immediate and I fell in love with the blue velvet chairs. The table is simple yet has a nice dark wood finish. We also purchased the matching storage bench, which is super handy because I store the napkins and extra utensils in there. Plus, my 2 year old toddler is able to eat while sitting on the bench and it's very easy to wipe messes clean (#momapproved).

I found some really unique placemats, napkins, and centerpiece at our local HomeGoods store for less than $100 (what a steal!). I also purchased a beautiful cream colored ceramic plate and bowl set from Pottery Barn and I find that they fit in so well with our decor.

Ashley's Homestore did a great job at delivering the dining set on time and in perfect condition. The best part was that the day we placed our order we were able to receive an additional 20% off due to a promotion, making this purchase almost half of what we intended to spend initially! I'm in love with our dining area and my family and I have already started to enjoy many dinners there. We went from eating in front of the TV while sitting on the couch, to actually eating like a family at the table. What a change a piece of furniture can do!

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Click here if you would like to shop my exact dining set.

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I absolutely love your style! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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